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Mountain Elgon National Park

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Elgon National Park(1145 Sq km) is between 1,460- 4,320 metres above sea level. It is an exitinct volcano and the highest mountain in East Africa.The park has magnificent water falls, gorges, hot springs, caves and is a home to over 300 Bird species and numerous wildlife varieties.


 “The Bagisu, also known as the BaMasaba, consider Mount Elgon to be the embodiment of their founding father Masaba and refer to the mountain by this name.”


For years, mount Elgon remained the exclusive domain of the serious backpacker because good birding trails were non-existent and relatively intact habitat a long day’s hike from the nearest road. This neglect by birders was further compounded by the presence of productive, more accessible forest areas in south western Uganda.

With the recent construction of the “Forest Exploration Centre” at Kapchorwa allowing birders access to excellent montane forest, this site can easily be incorporated into a 5-6 day “Eastern Extension” that includes the localities
for Fox’s Weaver and the arid savannah around Moroto.

The mountain is excellent for hiking and does not require any climbing equipment or skills. Full trekking course takes about 4 to 5 days to complete but there also 3-7km route that take 3days. The Sipi falls not far from the park are an addition to your experience.

The trekking circuit has 5 camping sites along it in addition to the accommodation at Kapkwata rest house and the Forest exploration centre.



Singita-Pamushana-Baobab-Malilangwe-Wildlife-Reserve Victoria Falls bridge Victoria Falls Safari Lodge



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